Friday, July 9, 2010

Being a good house guest in nyc

I've long thought it was time for a write up on this, so sticking with my messy blog is better then no blog rule I've decided to just stream of conscience it out, and then, later on, if I want, clean it up. :)

Good houseguests:
Do subtle things like wash extra dishes and buy tp when they notice you are running low
Come with plans and ideas.
Take your house key and subway map and take care of themselves.
Make themselves at home, grab a drink from the fridge, turn on music, browse through your magazine selection.
Realize your place is small and flip the air mattress up against the wall during the day, or pull the futon back together into a sofa configuration.

Bad houseguests:
Look at you and say Why don't we do something cool? (I don't know what you think is cool!)
Wait to be entertained.

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