Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am scared. I am scared because my grandma is sick.  My grandma is a great lady, who grew up in Brooklyn with her spunky sister Marty, going to see B-horror movies and coming home late at night.  My grandma was dating a boy who was a baker, his parents were going to give them the apartment below the bakery if they got married, but my grandma thought he was boring. Then she met my grandpa, a man who just got out of the military and was moving to Alaska, they got married, got pregnant and my mom was born in Alaska before it was a state.  They moved back to NY and had 3 other babies, somewhere along the way it was revealed that my grandpa was a mean drunk.  
I don't really like my grandpa... and now grandma is sick.  And no one wants to visit them in Florida because it would mean they have to stay with my grandpa.  
My mom is thinking about going. 
She says she won't cook for him.  I told her they could just go to early bird dinner instead. 

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